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If you need to a manicure or a set of nail extensions then call False Nails providers of mobile nail treatments all over Bournemouth, False Nails are also part of the Mobile Beauty UK group that supply mobile beauty treatments across the UK..  Let False Nails nail technicians do all the running as we not only cover Bournemouth but also the rest of the United Kingdom so it doesn’t matter where you are.

Nail technicians who actually live in Bournemouth (BH) are listed on this page. Click on their profiles to view all of their information. Also check out below all of the other nail technicians we have covering the Bournemouth area.

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Here is a run through of the different nail treatments available:

Manicures and pedicures in Bournemouth

Manicures and pedicures are for making the hands and feet and nails softer, smoother and removing any unneeded all dead skin making hands and feet neat and tidy. The hands and feet get a soaking in a bowl of water with some lotion added to soften for a few minutes. Hands and feet get scrubbed to remove dead skin, some skin may be too touch so it will be cut away and the bottoms on each foot get scrubbed as well.. You have to make sure the cuticles are looking great if you want to have presentable feet, the cuticles are pushed in and dead skin gets cut away. To finish off the manicure or pedicure you will have to file the nails into whichever shape the client has suggested and then give the nails a single coat of nail polish to make them shine… Men are more and more using products to making their body look good as keeping looking nice is becoming something not only women do, manicures and pedicures is the highest used beauty treatment by men in the UK!!

Here is a run through of the different types of nail extensions available:

Gel nails extensions in Bournemouth

UV gel nails are more expensive but they do actually last longer than other nail extensions, that might be why the women of Bournemouth like them so much. The beauty of the service False Nails provides is that once you have made that phone call to arrange the appointment, if you don’t want to you can stay sitting down until our technician knocks on your door! Bit by bit UV gel is painted onto the extension to give it more body and to create a style outlined by the client during the consultation beforehand. The gel can be used without a tip to extend the nail which is called sculpting. To stiffen the nails are placed under a UV light, this process is repeated between applications. So as more gel can be applied the nails are put underneath a UV light to go hard.

Acrylic nail extensions in Bournemouth

The acrylic nail extensions are extremely popular in Bournemouth, it is by far the most common and there are allot of people that are very fond of it. To work on the nails have to be a suitable size so as soon as the extensions are secure the technician will then cut them down. The nails will now get their first coat of glue, after which they will be dipped into acrylic powder and once more brushed again with the glue. After this process has been done to every nail on each hand the nails are nearly done, now all that it left to do is to file the nails to whatever specification the client wants such as squared or rounded!

Other nail treatments and extensions do get provided by technicians but they are not available as far as much as these services. The nail treatments and nail extensions which are not listed are treatments such as fibreglass nails, silk wrap nails and the paraffin wax manicure. Ask to see if any of these are available in your part of Bournemouth!

Minx nail extensions = Worn by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole it was only going to be a matter of time until the public got wind of it. Minx nails are specially applied over the nails giving them a type of shell. Minx nail are only available in some parts of the UK as there are not many technicians trained in Minx nails. Be sure to check with the sales team beforehand to see if Minx nails are available in your area?


Call 07003450042 to book an appointment with a nail technician in Bournemouth!

Mobile nail technicians in Bournemouth cover all areas within the Bournemouth postcode area including places such as:

Poole, Broadstone, Swanage, Wareham, Wimborne, Ferndown, Christchurch, Ringwood, New Milton, Verwood

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