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Fife now has a first class provider of nail treatments to the home from False Nails who are part of the Mobile Beauty UK group that offers mobile beauty treatments across Fife. False Nails have access to the largest database of nail technicians so no matter where you are in the UK we will be able to find a nail technician near where you are to come and see you to provide nail extensions and other nail treatments.

Nail technicians who actually live in Fife (FK) are listed on this page. Click on their profiles to view all of their information. Also check out below all of the other nail technicians we have covering the Fife area.

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Here is a run through of the different nail treatments available:

Manicures and pedicures in Fife

Manicures and pedicures are for making the hands and feet and nails softer, smoother and removing any unneeded all dead skin making hands and feet neat and tidy. Soak the hands and feet for 3-6 minutes in warm water with a solution added to it that will leave the hands and feet softer and easier to deal with. If there is any dead skin on the hands and feet it will now be scrubbed or cut away, the bottoms of the feet will get a scrubbing too. Push back the cuticles and chop off any unneeded skin will guarantee to make the hands or feet look nice. To finish off the manicure or pedicure you will have to file the nails into whichever shape the client has suggested and then give the nails a single coat of nail polish to make them shine. Not just women get manicures and pedicures as many me do as well, more and more we see that beauty treatments aren’t just for women!

Here is a run through of the different types of nail extensions available:

Gel nails extensions in Fife

UV gel nails are more expensive but they do actually last longer than other nail extensions, that might be why the women of Fife like them so much. Gel nail extensions or gel nails as they are called go down a treat in Fife and now you don’t even have to move from your sofa to get them done. UV gel gets painted onto the extensions to create a style and give the extensions more body. UV gel nail extensions are not like acrylics as with gel it can be used without a tip to create and sculpt the nails into shape. After each coat of the gel the hands will be put underneath a UV light to make the gel hard enough for another coat to be applied. Once a coat of gel is applied the hands will be placed under a UV light so more gel can be applied.

Acrylic nail extensions in Fife

The most requested nail extensions in Fife are by far acrylic nails, and we can tell you it’s not just Fife that loves them as there are a million more. As soon as the tips are dried to the nail the extensions will be cut to size so the technician is able to work with them. The nails get given a coat of glue and then the technician will dunk the client’s nails in a pot of acrylic which is a powder. Over and over your coat and dip the nails until the extension has been created, the nails now get given a good filing into shape!

Other nail treatments and extensions do get provided by technicians but they are not available as far as much as these services. These treatments consist of silk wrap nails, fibreglass nails and the paraffin wax treatment. If you want to know more about any of these services in and around Fife then please still do contact us!

Minx nail extensions = Are the newest type of nail extension in the nail extension industry. Minx nails are specially applied over the nails giving them a type of shell. Minx nail are only available in some parts of the UK as there are not many technicians trained in Minx nails. Be sure to check with the sales team beforehand to see if Minx nails are available in your area?

False Nails mobile nail technicians in Fife cover all areas within Fife including:

Kirkcaldy, Burntisland, Lochgelly, Glenrothes, Leven, Anstruther, Dunfermline, Kinross, Cupar, St.Andrews

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